Modern United Way Blueprint

Dear Friends and Supporters of United Way of South Sarasota County,

As you all know we are in unprecedented times with the arrival of COVID19. It has been a trying time for our community, businesses, government and nonprofits. I have been amazed by the quick action in strategic planning by all the leaders in our South County area. We have truly become United in showing that we will continue to meet the needs of our community through any kind of adversity.

The UWSSC Board and I recognize during this critical time for our community that we must adapt and change to continue the vital work of our organization all the while staying true to the mission of United Way of South Sarasota County which has always been to fund nonprofit agencies that provide health, education and financial stability programs in our service area. However, as mentioned we need to adapt to these challenging times so we have begun to also fund Impact Initiatives that bring UWSSC and strategic partners together to jump start solutions to fill critical needs of those we serve.

Committed to making our South County community the best it can be I am pleased to announce the launch of our “Modern United Way Blueprint” as our road-map and response to adapting and strengthening our mission. The vision and methodology of a Modern United Way will help us navigate in this times of uncertainly.

  • A Modern United Way shows up differently in our community by celebrating past achievements, evolving to adapt to the current needs, leaving behind what no longer works, and embracing shared opportunities.
  • A Modern United Way reflects the community in philosophy, policy and participation. A modern United Way is insight and data driven – not how we think it is; how we know it is.
  • A Modern United Way offers unparalleled service, solutions, content and engagement.
  • A Modern United Way leads with a growth mindset leveraging team talent in conjunction with technology to empower our organization.
  • A Modern United Way continues to embrace the power of collective fundraising to increase the impact of any gift large or small.

We are already engaged in creating a “Modern United Way!”

UWSSC is investing in technology. Through technology we are more efficient and empowered with knowledge and data.

With the implementation of our new Allocations software, e-cImpact our Allocations process was completely streamlined for the nonprofits requesting funding and for our Volunteer Reviewers in vetting and processing applications. The complied data within the system allows for UWSSC to laser focus on assessing the needs of our community and also gives a road-map as to where our funding is needed the most.

Strengthening our Donor relationships, Volunteer experiences, Digital Campaigns and Peer to Peer Fundraising are also part of a Modern United Way.

Investing in a cross platform system called FrontStream has allowed UWSSC to work closely with Donors to better define the impact of their gifts, strategically engage volunteers and accurately record volunteer hours. The platform also gives us the technology to create engaging Digital giving campaigns and Peer to Peer fundraising events online. We have also added a Text to Give platform called OneCause that allows for quick and inspired giving.

A recent and complete refresh of our website and social media channels has also been a part of our Modern United Way Blueprint.

Barbara Cruz, CEO



Barbara Cruz, CEO
United Way of South Sarasota County