Women United® Impact Focus


"FROM C.A.R.E.S. to Caring"

Women United® is 70,000 strong worldwide.  Women United® identifies the true needs of the communities that they serve.   The current focus in South Sarasota County for fundraising efforts is:

for our A.L.I.C.E. (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed)
population here in South Sarasota County in the wake of the national
COVID-19 Eviction Ban Suspension currently projected for March 31, 2021.

Extended Message Highlights from our Community Partners Engaged in creating Impactful Solutions alongside Women United®
(in alpha order)


The national definition of homelessness includes sleeping the previous night in a place lacking water or electricity. A parent does everything in their power to prevent this from happening for their children, including paying for a hotel with their paycheck or staying with friends and relatives. As a consequence, these families are not considered homeless and do not qualify for federal and state funds and assistance.

-Jenifer Fagenbaum, Executive Director, Family Promise, Sarasota County

"The concern is the fact that a lot of federal income coming into our area has income limits.... they are at 80% media income and believe it or not ALICE families are above this limit - so they are typically NOT eligible for those funds..."

-Chris Johnson, CEO, Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness 





"It's not only the person listed on the eviction notice who is affected, it's children and possilby extended family as well, such as grandparents..."

- Sara Johnson, Attorney, Gulf Coast Legal Services


Other partners at Gulf Coast Legal Services:

“United Way of South Sarasota County has been our most inspiring and enthusiastic partner in South County since I began at GLS in 2009.  I live in Venice, see UWSSC in action, and join the community in gratitude for all that UWSSC accomplishes.  GLS is truly honored to partner with UWSSC and we look forward to robust growth and service in South County.”


Robin Stover, Esq.  Deputy Director 






"We are grateful to have the advocacy of United Way South Sarasota County in securing this position for North Port Police Department HOT (Homeless Outreach Team)."
-Jasmine Waltz, Case Manager, NPPD HOT TEAM




over BOTH Eviction and Homelessness and into his new life as a successful entrepreneur and contributor to our community!


Women United® mobilizes the caring power of our local communities by:

Understanding the Communities We Serve |  Engaging the Community in Solving Relevant Issues